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Getting Healthy

Because so much is going on right now, I thought the best topic for this month should be about being healthy. I know; doesn’t exactly sound like a gun-related topic. But it most certainly IS!!

Some benefits of being healthy include:
·       Regulates / maintains weight
·       Improves mood
·       Helps body fight disease and infection
·       Improves sleep
·       Live LONGER
·       Boosts energy, productivity, and RESPONSE TIME!!

Everyone knows that he or she should drink water every day. But how much is enough? Experts suggest drinking at LEAST half of your body weight in ounces each day. For example, for a person who weighs 135 lbs., then that person should be drinking 67.5 oz. of water per day, every day, and more during summer months or increased activity.

MYTH: After a certain age, it is impossible to get into shape.

FACT: Anyone can get into shape at any time.  It will have lifelong benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle no matter what age you begin your training.   In fact, my friends at Verum Vi Crossfit in the Katy, Texas, area are available to help anyone get started with a workout routine to fit his or her current skill level and ability. They can also help tailor a meal plan that can benefit his or her workout routine the most.

So how is this gun-related, you ask? Because shooting is a physical sport / activity.   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a balance of diet and exercise can vastly improve accuracy as well as response time if ever faced with a life threatening situation. The more you have properly conditioned yourself with guided strength training, the less likely you will be overcome by fatigue in the moments that matter most. Stress does terrible things to our bodies, including, making us vulnerable to physical injury.  We owe it to ourselves to combat the ill-effects of stress with proper adjustments to our diet and exercise routines.
Exercising on a regular basis not only makes us feel rejuvenated, but also makes us more coordinated, flexible, and increases stamina. Whether you exercise with a partner, perform yoga, stretching, weight-lifting, or jogging, be sure not to overdo your initial workouts. Causing injury to ourselves in these early stages of a new life-changing routine can cause discouragement and will be a drain anyone’s enthusiasm. Be sure to work with a trainer to get your routine established so you can work out at your own pace that is comfortable for you.

As always, shoot straight!

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