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Whether you are new to self-defense or the shooting sports, or you are experienced and just want your concealed carry license, we have what you need!!

We offer a variety of courses, including:

  1. License to Carry: Texas – Full class – In-person (4-6 hour class) (Form LTC-100);
  2. License to Carry: Texas – Short class – Qualification only for those who have taken his or her class online (requires an additional 1-2 hours of instruction) (Form LTC-101);
  3. Conceal Carry Course (states other than Texas, to be announced soon);
  4. Private Lesson (beginner level instruction);
  5. Basic Handgun (USCCA Course);
  6. Home Defense (USCCA Course);
  7. Gun Cleaning; and
  8. Fellow instructor qualifications (no charge)!!!

Students must be 21 for the License to Carry class for Texas (unless you are active military).  We teach any age for Private Lesson or Gun Cleaning.

If you are in need of a Private Lesson (individual or small group), please contact us for more information.  It is recommended to take a Private Lesson prior to taking the License to Carry if you have never shot before, or haven’t shot in many years.

Our focus is on helping first-time shooters gain the confidence necessary for safe gun ownership. We are open to teaching anyone and everyone with a positive attitude.

Always treat your gun as if it were loaded.

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Always know your target and what is beyond.


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